Our Uniqueness and Strategy


JBIC IG Partners provides various fund-related services on overseas investment funds by capitalizing on the respective strengths of our shareholders, JBIC and IGPI.

strengths of JBIC strengths of JBIC

JBIC and IGPI have a track record of carrying out large and small investments for various industries, in both developed countries and emerging economies. Please see here for investment by JBIC, here for investment by IGPI.

Business Model

Through investment advice to overseas funds, we will invest in overseas companies as a JBIC IG group.

  • Business Model(1) Co-investment

    We jointly invest in overseas companies and share risks with Japanese companies,

  • Business Model(1) Co-investment

    We invest in overseas companies and aim to expand transactions with target companies and Japanese companies.



As a JBIC IG group, we compose overseas funds by partnering with foreign sovereign wealth funds (SWF) and international investors. JBIC IG Partners provides various services to such overseas fund.

  • Russia Japan Investment Fund(RJIF): an investment fund targeting Russian companies and projects in which Japanese companies develop business alliances through equity participation etc. (jointly established with Russian Direct Investment Fund(RDIF))
  • JB Nordic Fund I: a venture capital fund targeting the Nordic and Baltic region (jointly established with BaltCap)
  • (next funds are under discussion)

As a guiding principle, we advocate the following investment policies for individual investment.


Investment Target

The targeted asset classes are mainly venture, growth and buyout, and we conduct equity investment in companies.


Investment Period

To aim for value creation based on a long-term perspective, we expect to exit after, at maximum, seven years from investment.


Exit Strategy

To realize our mission, we adopt a rather flexible exit strategy, such as selling to strategic or financial investors and initial public offering (IPO).